Rock Rot & Rule

PLEASE NOTE: This CD is no longer available through this website. It is available on the Scharpling & Wurster Box Set available through Numero Group. It is also available as a vinyl LP through Flannelgraph Records. It is available digitally on iTunes, Amazon and eMusic.

Rock, Rot and Rule is a recording of a prank radio interview between WFMU deejay Tom Scharpling and self-appointed rock critic Ronald Thomas Clontle (channeled by Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster) regarding Clontle’s controversial reference book, Rock Rot and Rule.

Clontle bills his book as “the ultimate argument settler,” but things quickly heat up when irate ‘FMU listeners call in to take him to task over statements like: “Madness invented Ska,” “Bowie and Neil Young rot because they’ve made too many changes,” “Puff Daddy rules,” and “The Beatles only rock because they had a lot of stinkers.”


“Completely subverts the mainstream world of retail crank-call recordings and turn it on its head. Put the kids to bed and turn up the volume, because this disc is off-the-hook!”
– Dave Willis — co-creator, Aqua Teen Hunger Force

“Listening to these cuts, especially ‘Old Skull’ and ‘Kid E-Bay’, had me laughing the way I used to watching THE SIMPSONS, THE YOUNG ONES, or this old dude that used to live on my block when he’d throw his teeth at this one squirrel. Don’t say nothing, just buy it.”
– Patton Oswalt