The Art of the Slap


” Every syllable uttered by Scharpling and Wurster is worthy of your egregious praise. Speaking as a native Philadelphian, I take particular delight in Philly Boy Roy, the living embodiment of Philadelphia provincialism. Finally, my heart is given voice!” —Paul F. Tompkins

” I have become an obsessive Scharpling and Wurster fan. Sadly, I find myself more invested in the trials and tribulations of their characters than those of most people in my real life!” —Ben Gibbard, Death Cab for Cutie


Disc One:

1) JOCK SQUAD – Tom talks to an employee for a very aggressive computer repair service.

2) THE AUTEUR – Listeners get a rare glimpse into the world of one of Hollywood’s most gifted filmmakers.

3) PHILLY BOY ROY – Philadelphia’s favorite hoagie maker calls with news of his psychic son… and something called ‘Laser Allin’.


Disc Two:

1) ANDY FROM LAKE NEWBRIDGE – Tom gets a heads up from a resident of one of Newbridge’s most scenic areas.

2) TORNADO TODD – An update on the legendary ‘Miracle Man from Missouri’.

3) POSTAL SLAP FIGHT – A call that starts off weird, gets weirder, gets disturbing, then somehow manages to get more disturbing…


Bonus Disc:

The epic two-part saga documenting the return of Corey Harris and his attempt to make his group Mother 13… The First Rock Band On Mount Everest!

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